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Melanie Giolitti grew up on a ranch, surrounded by vineyards in California’s Central Valley where her family cultivated wine and table grapes. Growing up in the country, close to nature, inspired Melanie’s creative spirit and her “can-do” approach to design. A life long love of architecture, antiques, food and culture are at the core of her design aesthetic, which she brings to her many diverse clients.

After completing her education, Melanie re-located to the San Francisco Bay Area and began her career in the building industry, later moving to the Monterey Peninsula to work with local architect, Eric Miller.  At Eric Miller Architects, she developed a highly successful interior design division for the firm, furthering her knowledge of both interior design and architecture, interfacing with clients and working closely with them on their projects from the ground up.

In 2010, Melanie began her own interior design practice, traveling to Europe, throughout California and New England, developing personal relationships with many artisans, craftspeople and antique dealers.  Her rich sources, her passion for design and her ability to sketch and communicate her ideas through drawing, create a very personal connection between Melanie and her clients.

 Melanie has been practicing interior design for over 25 years, and continues to work with a variety of clients in the Monterey and San Francisco Bay Areas, as well as Central California and Los Angeles.  She is an Allied member of the American Society of Interior Designers - ASID, the professions leading association.